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This page lists known issues and resolutions a user may experience using a Music Computing product.

If you are unable to resolve your issue using this page please be aware of the other ways to get support for your Music Computing Product.


Support Options

StudioBLADE Known Issues and Resolutions

This article refers to Generation 1 and 2 of the StudioBlade line.
ISSUE: When first starting the StudioBLADE all lights on the keyboard will be on, however all you see on the 10-inch screen is the Music Computing desktop picture, no icons or taskbar. Since the 10-inch screen is a USB monitor, Windows may not remember it as the main screen, Windows may think the monitor is in Extended or No monitor Mode.

  • Resolution: Switch it to the correct mode, Projector. If this happens, there are two things you can try.
    • 1. Use a shortcut to trigger "Windows Presentation Mode". You will not see the window pop up, however the shortcut combo can still work.
      • A. With the QWERTY keyboard connected, press the [Windows key+P], this launches the Windows Presentation mode.
      • B. Press the [Right Arrow Key] once, this will select Projector and force Windows to make the 10-inch the main display.
      • C. Press [Enter] to confirm. The screen will blink off and on and should now show the desktop icons and taskbar.
    • 2. Connect an external monitor via the DVI or HDMI connector. You will see the taskbar items on the screen... right-click the desktop... select Screen Resolution... set the 10-inch screen to be the main display.

ISSUE: Plugging in a Firewire device while the StudioBLADE is powered on may cause the Presonus Audio interface to lose power. When using Firewire devices never plug or unplug the device while the StudioBLADE is powered on.

  • Resolution: If this happens, shut the unit down, unplug the power and hit the power button to dissipate power from the unit. To be safe, plug in extra Firewire devices while the unit is powered down, then boot.

ISSUE: Onboard Touchscreen pointer accuracy seems off when touching the screen. This happens when the Touchscreen has not been calibrated.

  • Resolution: Calibrate the Touchscreen by opening the eGalaxTouch utility which can be found in the Windows taskbar tray. Go to the TOOLS tab and select “4 Points Calibration”. You should follow the guide to touch and hold the blinking symbol in the calibration window until it shows “OK” to make sure that the utility gathers enough data for computation.

ISSUE: When connecting extension monitors to the StudioBLADE, the onboard Touchscreen when touched controls multiple screens. It appears that the Touchscreen is functioning similar to a mouse.

  • Resolution: To make only the Touchscreen receive touch commands, open the eGalaxTouch utility which can be found in the Windows taskbar tray. Go to the DISPLAY tab and place a check mark in the “Enable Multiple Monitors” option. After checking this check box to enable monitor support, double click on the monitor area in the display window to assign the monitor area where the Touchscreen will be mapped. You will know which display is active for touch when the number and lines are white, not gray.

ISSUE: Using the 10inch Touch Screen, certain VST interfaces may seem cutoff, stuck and unable to move.

  • Resolution: To resolve any issue with a window being cut off and seeming to be frozen....
    • 1. Select the plug-in window by left clicking...
    • 2. Press keystroke combination ALT+SPACE
    • 3. Then either select MOVE or hit M to select move.
    • 4. Press the down arrow on the keyboard to move the window back into view so you can access the top edge of the plug-in window.

Then the window can be moved wherever.

GeoMIDI Known Issues and Resolutions

ISSUE: Opening GeoMIDI while another MIDI program is running - This issue is related to how Windows handles MIDI, two programs that share the same MIDI port cannot be opened at the same time.

  • Resolution: Close the main program that has access to the MIDI ports, then reopen GeoMIDI. Make whatever changes need to be made, then shut down GeoMIDI and reopen your MIDI program.
    • We are developing a work around for this, but at this time there is no ETA on this feature being implemented. This does not apply to the Mac build of GeoMIDI.

ISSUE: GeoMIDI prompts "No ControlDAW was detected. Check your USB connection, then click here." message. - Sometimes when opening GeoMIDI it will claim no controller is present.

  • Resolution 1: Repeatedly click on the message and it will force it to see the controller.
  • Resolution 2: Close GeoMIDI and reopen it.
    • We are developing a work around for this bug, but at this time there is no ETA on the bug fix.

ControlBLADE Known Issues and Resolutions

  • No known issues
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