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Important Information Regarding Windows 8

  • Attention StudioBLADE and ControlBLADE owners. Please do not upgrade the OS to Windows 8. This will void all support for your unit.

Support Resources

Warranty Policy

What is the warranty policy for Music Computing products?

  • All Music Computing products come with a 1 year parts and labor warranty

Please note: Upgrading your Music Computing products with unauthorized, incompatible, or unsupported hardware or software will invalidate your warranty and support. Systems infected with computer viruses are also not covered under our warranty and support. A charge will be assessed for us to assist you in eradicating the viruses and setting up your products again. The charge will be based on a case-by-case basis.

Support Policy

  • All Music Computing products have a 30 day telephone and remote desktop support called "White Glove Support"
  • All Music Computing products have LIFETIME ticket support
  • All Music Computing products have LIFETIME online forum support

Will there be upgrades available?

  • There will be software, hardware and firmware upgrades available
    • Software upgrades like additional sound libraries will be made available to all Music Computing customers
    • Hardware upgrades including Hard Drives, RAM and Computer core is available and can be performed by Music Computing or the customer using certified parts from Music Computing
    • Firmware upgrades will be made available to Music Computing customers to install

White Glove Support

  • With every new product we provide, the user receives free life-time email and support ticket technical support. In addition, the user also receives a 30-day "White-Glove" support package whereby we can be on the phone with the user and also remote access the product to help setup and train the user in the operation of the product.
  • After the 30-day "White-Glove" support package ends, you can purchase the "White-Glove" support (Extended 30-days)package which includes:
    • This is an extension to the include first 30-days or "White-Glove" support.
    • Limited of 1.5 hours per day during normal business hours.
    • User must contact Music Computing to set up support session time.
    • User must have phone and internet access during the support session.

Per Incident Support

  • This is for per incident support call or remote session when products are out of the first 30-day "White-Glove" support period and cannot be resolved via email, community forum, or our support ticket system.
    • "Per incident" is hereby defined as one specific question or issue, which requires less than 30 minutes of support time.
    • This covers if you need help using a particular piece of software, installing software, creating a custom template, or general assistance that falls outside of the product warranty.

Extended Warranties

  • All Music Computing products include a 1 year parts and labor factory warranty.
    • You can extend the warranty of your Music Computing product for 1 or 2 years. This continues to cover parts and labor after the first included year.
    • Warranty does not cover mis-use, modifications, or damage by user.

If a product is found to contain a software virus, it must be removed before support can be provided by Music Computing. If you elect to have Music Computing remove the virus, there will be a charge assessed as it is not covered under our support policy. Various options are available, please contact Music Computing for further details.
To purchase additional support, or to extend a warranty, please visit the Music Computing Store (Extended Warranty, Support)

Post Sale Warranty and Return Policy


1.) What is the return policy for products?

  • Since all units are built to order, there is no cancellation of the order once it has been placed or return of the product for a refund.
  • If a product is defective, Music Computing can elect to repair or replace the product at its sole discretion
  • If DOA, Music Computing will pay for Ground shipping both ways, otherwise customer is responsible for shipping to Music Computing and Music Computing will be responsible for return Ground shipping to customer
  • Upgraded return shipping will be an additional charge
  • Returning products MUST be shipped in original shipping packaging, otherwise contact Music Computing for replacement packaging. A fee of $100 will be charged per replacement shipping package
  • If a product is damaged during shipping, Music Computing can elect to repair or replace the product at its sole discretion. After completion of claim with carrier.
  • If a product is lost during shipping, Music Computing will replace the product at no cost to the customer after the claim process has been completed with the carrier
  • All products returning for repair or replacement must have a RMA number issued by Music Computing. Unauthorized returns will be refused and shipped back to sender freight collect.

2.) Shipping charges and handling fee:

  • The quoted shipping charges will include fees for packaging, handling and insurance against loss or damage.
  • Music Computing has sole rights to select the shipping carrier it uses for shipment of all orders.
  • It is possible in some cases to request a specific shipping carrier that is not the default carrier for Music Computing. A service fee of $25 may be assessed if approved.
  • It is permitted to utilize the recipient’s shipping account. A service fee of $25 may be assessed and Music Computing is not responsible for the shipment once it has been picked up the designated shipping carrier by the recipient. Any damage, loss or issues arising from the shipment is the sole responsibility of the recipient. Music Computing may at its own accord, assist in the filing of any claims for damage or loss do to shipping, but it is not obligated to do so by default.

Used Gear Policy - When you purchase a pre-owned Music Computing product

When you purchase used/pre-owned Music Computing merchandise from an individual or unauthorized dealer, your interactions including discussions, payment, and delivery of said goods are solely between you and the individual/dealer. By purchasing used merchandise from an unauthorized dealer or individual, you are responsible for all costs and risks involved with an “as is” piece of used merchandise. You the buyer should perform the proper research before making a commitment to complete any online or offline purchase with an unauthorized dealer or individual seller.

As Music Computing offers no transfer of our Manufacturer’s Warranty to used/pre-owned merchandise, said merchandise will need to be re-certified to receive support. Contact Music Computing for more information.

Third Party Links

Various information and resources from third party sources.

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